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school of thought

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishschool of thoughtschool of thoughtOPINIONan opinion or way of thinking about something that is shared by a group of people There are two main schools of thought on the subject. school
Examples from the Corpus
school of thoughtInevitably this has meant some over-simplifying, stereotyping and exaggeration in the claims and counter-claims of the different schools of thought.Each school of thought has enjoyed constant internal debate about assumptions and methods.There are many schools of thought on how yoga should be taught.Indeed, one school of thought believed that the female brain was biologically different from that of the male.According to one school of thought, the disease is caused by a genetic defect.There are two schools of thought. One wants to control inflation, while the other is more interested in boosting employment.There are two schools of thought concerning the application of syntactic knowledge.Basically, there were two schools of thought.Two schools of thought emerged during the summer of 1936.There are various schools of thought on how captions or short photo-stories should be affixed to photographs.
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