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schoolhouseschool‧house /ˈskuːlhaʊs/ noun [countable]  SESTBBa school building, especially for a small village school
Examples from the Corpus
schoolhouseThe men had sent their families to the relative security of a schoolhouse a mile down the road.It is simple: a schoolhouse desk and bench, pierced by a pole wrapped tightly with a flame-licked flag.a one-room schoolhouseNo wonder she had never got further than teaching in a one-roomed schoolhouse.Sometimes it is a stone schoolhouse with tall windows.Gibson, the Family Tree co-founder, says the program works because its lessons go beyond the schoolhouse.He joined the resistance and hid in the schoolhouse in the village of Glabbeeck.Other children, destined for the afternoon session in the schoolhouse, are already at work.The schoolhouse lay some distance off along the curving bay.
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