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schoolingschool‧ing /ˈskuːlɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  SESschool education children in their final year of compulsory schooling (=the time during which children have to attend school by law) Al’s dad had only a few years of schooling.
Examples from the Corpus
schoolingThe conference will also discuss the legalisation of the use and sale of cannabis and whether denominational schooling should be ended.So his Hebrew schooling thereby climaxed; his public participation galvanising him to accelerated study.Unfortunately, Rose did not elaborate on the nature of such mixed schooling experiences.Both documents seek to identify the skills and understandings which their respective subjects should seek to achieve at different stages of schooling.Walter only had seven years of schooling.The skills needed are mostly those which our schooling found useless and it has atrophied them without irreparably damaging them.They would be helped enormously if other agencies of enlightenment, particularly the schooling system, contributed to the task.We were lucky in their schooling.We hear terrible things of your schooling system in my country, and I've met a lot of you.compulsory schoolingThis will help pupils to develop a personal love of reading which will continue after compulsory schooling.Are students exempt from compulsory schooling or from certain courses in the curriculum on religious grounds?To compel a pupil to obey a teacher makes no sense without placing it in the context of compulsory schooling enforced legally.Historically, she has laid much greater stress than her continental neighbours on sophisticated external examinations at the end of compulsory schooling.This list is carried in publicity and in information given directly to pupils in their final year of compulsory schooling.The use of education services has become more equal during the years of compulsory schooling.
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