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schoolkidschool‧kid /ˈskuːlkɪd/ noun [countable] informal  SESa child attending school
Examples from the Corpus
schoolkidI was just a schoolkid - I didn't know anything about poetry or literature.It trained its beams on my eyelids with all the casual cruelty of a schoolkid playing with a compact mirror.These days all that seems innocent stuff - occasional cigarette smoking isn't enough for schoolkids in the Nineties.As an aggressive, grubby schoolkid and a keen stargazer, I was desperate to be the first to go.Last I saw, a couple of hand-in-hand schoolkids had fished them out and were avidly reading the instruction leaflet.I feel like a naughty schoolkid who's standing in front of the headmaster.They were standing outside giggling away like a couple of naughty schoolkids.In Rio schoolkids adorn their workbooks with pictures of Michael Jackson.I feel sorry for the besotted, exhausted businessmen, but it is the schoolkids on the train who break my heart.It is spreading to schoolkids and to people who want to do better than they ever did before.
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