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schoolmateschool‧mate /ˈskuːlmeɪt/ noun [countable]  SESsomeone who goes or went to the same school as you
Examples from the Corpus
schoolmateA new family had to be created, of friends, coworkers and schoolmates.His sad, excruciatingly well-behaved adolescence is inextricable from the progress of a doomed friendship with an eccentric schoolmate, Smallgods.It went back to her childhood when she had been teased by her schoolmates about her stammer.The Phinneys-the parents of his schoolmate Tad-were very sporting about turning their house into an armed camp for the night.At least for a short time, schoolmates often showed deference to their fallen peers.Margarett snaps Miss Sheldon, chaperone of the Florentine School, and two schoolmates lounging on deck chairs.
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