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schoolworkschool‧work /ˈskuːlwɜːk $ -wɜːrk/ noun [uncountable]  SESwork done for or during school classeshomework
Examples from the Corpus
schoolworkThey were designed for business and schoolwork.It combined schoolwork with job experience, and it promised each student a summer internship in the financial world.The program combines schoolwork with job experience.More and more kids are using computers at home for schoolwork or just for pleasure.Johnny's had a lot of problems at home recently and it's starting to affect his schoolwork.Tim, a third-grader, had difficulty with his schoolwork, and also found it hard to make friends.He has decided not to play football in order to focus on schoolwork and lacrosse.Homeworking / teleworking Homeworking used to conjure up images of hard-pressed workers licking envelopes or schoolwork that we never wanted to do.She told me she liked the schoolwork, and I was pleased.Three out of four will be male, and one in three doing poorly in their schoolwork.
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