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ldoce_903_escooterscoot‧er /ˈskuːtə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 scooter.jpg (also motor scooter)TTC a type of small, less powerful motorcycle with small wheels2 DHTa child’s vehicle with two small wheels, an upright handle, and a narrow board that you stand on with one foot, while the other foot pushes against the ground
Examples from the Corpus
scooterNationally, nearly 50 scooter clubs have cropped up, and scooter runs are held regularly in nearly every state.Drivers are subject to their own balance, and scooters are sensitive to wind gusts and road surfaces.And as soon as that happens, Mr Lee can think about getting his scooter repaired and on the road again.Bob Darnell lives and breathes motor scooters.Since 1981, Vespa has not been able to sell scooters in the United States because of emissions problems.As we watched, a man arrived on a snow scooter and he and Odd-Knut talked long and quietly.I dressed, got the scooter out, turned the motor on and off I went.He used an electrically driven three wheeled scooter.
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