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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscorelessscore‧less /ˈskɔːləs $ ˈskɔːr-/ adjective  if a sports match or part of a sports match is scoreless, nobody scores any points or goals a scoreless first half
Examples from the Corpus
scorelessTed returned to the fray after a scoreless first half and played at outside-right.A scoreless first half saw defences uppermost on both sides with Ireland defending with spirit.The mid-fielders ruled the roost up to the interval, but after a scoreless first half the Antrim team showed great dominance.After a scoreless first period, the teams exchanged power-play goals in the second.He had been held scoreless for the first twenty-five minutes of the game but certainly went to town afterwards!Ismael Valdes pitched four scoreless innings and the Dodgers defeated the Expos 3-1 in a game rained out after five innings.Left-hander Joey Eischen and right-hander Mike Harkey each pitched two scoreless innings.The Giants relievers turned in a much-needed solid performance, tossing five scoreless innings.
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