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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscornfulscorn‧ful /ˈskɔːnfəl $ ˈskɔːrn-/ adjective  MAKE FUN OFfeeling or showing scorn a scornful lookscornful of He was scornful of the women’s movement.scornfully adverb
Examples from the Corpus
scornfulHis attitude to the race of contemporary critics in general was scornful.Jess, watching Midnight, saw him glance swiftly from one to another, his look cold, even scornful.Prisoners were scornful about the sense of priorities this demonstrated, and about the supposed benefits.He must be careful to avoid emotive judgements or scornful abuse.Once scornful of cable companies, telephone firms have learnt that they can be useful.He talked about money, disco music and was scornful of grazing as a profession.Perhaps all we are here witnessing is a picturesque way of making a scornful reference to alien religion.scornful ofHe remained scornful of religion and its influence over people.
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