Sense: 1
Date: 1400-1500
Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language.
Sense: 2-3
Date: 1100-1200
Origin: Probably from Middle Dutch schuren, from Old French escurer, from Late Latin excurare 'to clean off', from Latin cura 'care'


Related topics: Cleaning, Earth Sciences
scour [transitive]
1 to search very carefully and thoroughly through an area, a document etc
scour something for something
Her family began to scour the countryside for a suitable house.
2 also scour outDHC to clean something very thoroughly by rubbing it with a rough material [= scrub]:
Ada was scouring out the pans.
3 also scour outHE to form a hole by continuous movement over a long period:
Over the years, the stream had scoured out a round pool in the rock.

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