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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscragglyscrag‧gly /ˈskræɡəli/ adjective informal  UNTIDYgrowing in a way that looks uneven and in bad condition his scraggly gray beard
Examples from the Corpus
scragglya scraggly beardHe had huge empty eye sockets wadded with cotton, a scraggly Fu Manchu moustache and a long grey pigtail.There are singles, pairs, and scraggly groups of up to a dozen coming from various directions.These and other shrubs were interspersed with small, scraggly larch and black spruce trees.We crossed Main Street and went into a little park, sat on a wooden bench under a huge scraggly tree.scraggly ... beardRip rubbed his chin, and noticed that he had a long, scraggly beard.
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