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scrape home

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscrape homescrape homeespecially British EnglishWIN to win a race, election, or competition by a very small amount The Tories may scrape home, but it’s unlikely. scrape
Examples from the Corpus
scrape homeIn 1964 the All Blacks defeated Leinster 11-5, they won 17-8 in 1972 and scraped home 8-3 in 1974.The referees decided that Foreman had just scraped home.A poll for the Peterborough Evening Telegraph suggests that the Tories will scrape home.We scraped home by the skin of our teeth.The Green Party scraped home in the local elections.Then they are inside, waiting while he scrapes home the bolts.Even so, two of them scraped home without reaching the quota.
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