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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscrawnyscraw‧ny /ˈskrɔːni $ ˈskrɒː-/ adjective  THIN PERSONa scrawny person or animal looks very thin and weak syn skinny a scrawny kid in jeans and a T-shirt a few scrawny henssee thesaurus at thin
Examples from the Corpus
scrawnyThe most you will see is a scrawny arm waving desperately from between the bars.Above them, tied to a thorn tree, faded red and white streamers dangle like the tattered carcasses of scrawny birds.A few scrawny chickens were searching for scraps of food in the dry earth.Last time I saw him he was a scrawny kid in Levi's and a dirty T-shirt.a scrawny kidThe trees on this bog were bonsai-like black spruce, red maple, and occasional scrawny larch covered with lichens.Beside her the pathetic corpse of the servant, the garotte cord still round his scrawny neck.The scrawny swarthy-skinned kid in the mirror blinked back at him.We had a lot of scrawny veterans and their scrawny wives for friends.
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