1 verb
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1 [intransitive] to make a loud high noise with your voice because you are hurt, frightened, excited etc [= shriek]:
After the first few shots, people started screaming.
a screaming baby
scream with/in
She jumped to her feet, screaming in terror.
The children were screaming with laughter.
She was screaming her head off (=screaming a lot).
She began to scream blue murder (=scream very loudly).
He was dragged kicking and screaming to a nearby van.
2 [intransitive and transitive] also scream out to shout something in a very loud high voice because you are angry or frightened [= yell]:
'Get out!' she screamed.
He screamed out her name.
scream for
I screamed for help.
scream at
He screamed at her to go away.
The crowd continued to scream abuse at him.
3 [intransitive]C to make a very loud high noise:
The police car approached, its siren screaming.

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