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screen door

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screen doorˈscreen ˌdoor noun [countable] American English  DHa door with wire net fastened inside a frame, which is used outside the main door of a building to keep insects out
Examples from the Corpus
screen doorThe back screen door slammed and a second later her son Hank padded silently into the kitchen.He poured himself a double whiskey and stood looking at a fly on the front screen door.Suddenly Cybil Ackerman appeared at the screen door.A large figure stood behind the screen door, a silhouette in front of the glow of living-room light.Back at the house I found a note had been folded into the handle of the screen door.That was as far as the conversation went, for I decided to end it by pushing open the screen door.He rattled the screen door and pounded as hard as he could.He saluted her, went through the screen door, vaulted the balustrade protecting the steps, and swaggered down the garden.
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