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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscriptedscript‧ed /ˈskrɪptɪd/ adjective  TCBALa speech or broadcast that is scripted has been written down before it is read
Examples from the Corpus
scriptedSometimes there would be an extra pause that wasn't scripted, but which he felt was right at the time.Steen continued presenting revues, with an increasing reliance on scripted comedy rather than just dancing girls, until the outbreak of war.If it is your intention to add a fully scripted commentary, you will need to work out the timings.So are his mostly scripted comments in public settings and his reliance on veteran staff members for guidance.To be where nothing I did had a scripted meaning.The scripted part of his performance was always flawless.I don't think it'd happen, they didn't employ me as a scripted puppet.Everyone was given a scripted role to play.The leaders met during a carefully scripted visit to the White House.
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