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scripturalscrip‧tur‧al /ˈskrɪptʃərəl/ adjective  RRCcontained in the Bible or based on the Bible
Examples from the Corpus
scripturalProtestantism concerned itself with the inscription of dogma, attention to the text, was more emphatically scriptural.What we are not entitled to do is to assume that our own mythological conceptions of him are scriptural.At the same time, however, the bastion of traditional scriptural authority was also being challenged from other quarters.Sometimes ingenious Bible expositors have led whole generations of clergy down obscure backwaters of scriptural exegesis.Rather, what she was saying with her cryptic scriptural reference was that I might not be asking the right question.The number of scriptural references applicable to bereavement seemed legion - and Kenneth seemed to be acquainted with each and every one.This text is an embarrassment to the more conservative scriptural scholars.There is also an older copy book of poems by Anne Blencowe, almost entirely on scriptural themes.
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