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scripturescrip‧ture /ˈskrɪptʃə $ -ər/ noun  1 Scripture2 [countable, uncountable]RR the holy books of a particular religion Hindu scriptures
Examples from the Corpus
scriptureAnd while his memory searched wildly for a scripture, nothing came forth.Neither of these options holds much promise for reading the Bible as scripture.Buddhist scripturesIf one looks to sources other than the canonical scriptures, Thomas's role assumes larger proportions.His scripture is the dirt we're often doing.In a number of passages there are emphatic statements that he had come to fulfil the scriptures.Originally they were responsible for making accurate copies of the scriptures and for guarding the text against any errors.Or so the scriptures tell us.
ScriptureScripture[uncountable] (also the (Holy) Scriptures [plural])RRC the Bible the way God is portrayed in Scripture scripture
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