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scrublandscrub‧land /ˈskrʌblənd/ noun [uncountable]  SGan area of land that is covered with low bushes
Examples from the Corpus
scrublandOut of the earth came a scrubland, and this scrubland grew and became a wood.One crooked little shadow, flickering across stones and scrubland, made rapid progress for a quarter of a mile or so.Councillors decided the broken down buildings, smashed fences and forgotten scrubland were giving passengers a bad impression of the town.Father owns the pottery, a bit of scrubland around it and a couple of small fields.Around four million hectares of grassland are suffering from the invasion of scrubland.It was a place of scrubland and marsh less than sixty-five kilometers north of Saigon.The forest thinned to a plateau of wind-worn scrubland and there was the aromatic scent of rosemary and thyme.
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