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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscrutinyscru‧ti‧ny /ˈskruːtɪni/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  EXAMINEcareful and thorough examination of someone or somethingcareful/close scrutiny Careful scrutiny of the company’s accounts revealed a whole series of errors. Their activities have come under police scrutiny.COLLOCATIONSphrasescome under scrutiny (=be examined)The cost and efficiency of the health care system has come under increasing scrutiny.be subjected to scrutiny (=be examined)Each proposal was subjected to careful scrutiny.be the subject of scrutiny (=be examined)The way in which the courts handle such claims has been the subject of close scrutiny.be subject to scrutiny (=be able to be examined)All the accounts are subject to scrutiny by auditors.be open to scrutinyGovernment actions should be more open to public scrutiny.not stand up to scrutiny/not bear scrutiny (=be found to have faults when examined)Such arguments do not stand up to careful scrutiny.adjectivescareful scrutinyThese figures need careful scrutiny.close/intense scrutiny (=very careful scrutiny)Both these areas of law have come under close scrutiny by the courts.rigorous/strict scrutiny (=very careful and thorough)This system has been subject to rigorous scrutiny.detailed scrutinyMPs on these committees subject Government bills to detailed scrutiny.critical scrutiny (=when something is examined and judged or criticized)Their work is in the public domain and open to critical scrutiny.public scrutiny (=by the public)Much of the work that we do is open to public scrutiny.media scrutiny (=by newspapers, TV etc)How does he cope with the intense media scrutiny?parliamentary scrutiny (=by parliament)The Labour Party expressed concern about the lack of parliamentary scrutiny of MI5.judicial scrutiny (=by judges)The new legislation will be the subject of close judicial scrutiny.
Examples from the Corpus
scrutinyThe company's plans for expansion have attracted scrutiny from consumer groups.She said the elections department is under close scrutiny now.Closer scrutiny of the document revealed a number of interesting facts.More often auctions are not reviewed; this is a pity, since the management of markets in art deserves scrutiny.Depressingly, the Labour party managed to run an entire campaign without exposing its candidate to genuine scrutiny at public meetings.Once you become famous your private life comes under public scrutiny.Like anyone who has lived most of his life in relative obscurity, Payne remains uncomfortable with public scrutiny.Airlines have increased their scrutiny of the size and amount of carry-on luggage.The city's elections department has been under scrutiny since last year.careful/close scrutinyAbie did not bother to make a closer scrutiny.His characteristic attitude is one of close scrutiny and interrogation; he puts his documents on the rack, as it were.In both of these roles he is himself exposed to close scrutiny at the hands of other politicians and the media.All bibliographical information provided by suppliers to libraries should be subjected to close scrutiny.Incidentally, that experiment is now also under careful scrutiny in Professor Krauss's laboratory.Foreign policy will come under close scrutiny.Each process had to undergo careful scrutiny by the Environmental Health Department, and the cooks had to pass medical tests.Nelson's detailed account is well worth close scrutiny for it illustrates many aspects of socio-ecology most cogently.
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