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sculpturedsculp‧tured /ˈskʌlptʃəd $ -tʃərd/ adjective [only before noun]  1 AVSDECORATEcut or formed from stone, wood, clay etc a row of sculptured animals2 HBHBEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGhaving a smooth attractive shape her sculptured face
Examples from the Corpus
sculpturedThe western porch below, surmounted by its rose window, is sculptured.This slips on the same two needles for 16 rows, producing a deep, sculptured fabric.Its portico of six Corinthian columns exists, as does the finely sculptured frieze of its entablature.This gives eyes a more sculptured look.The Composite Order is used; the columns stand on sculptured pedestals.sculptured plaques and statuesBy John Peers for Schwarzkopf Sleek, sculptured shape looks dramatic on blonde locks.Use gel for sculptured, spiky or slicked back styles, or for crisping up fringes and pieces.To steady himself, he hugged a sculptured torso.
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