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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscurrilousscur‧ri‧lous /ˈskʌrələs $ ˈskɜːr-/ adjective formal  ALUNTRUEscurrilous remarks, articles etc contain damaging and untrue statements about someoneslanderous a scurrilous attack on his integrityscurrilously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
scurrilousIntense negotiation followed, then shortly afterwards legal threats from Harvard, culminating in a bizarre series of scurrilous allegations and counter-allegations.Delighted we darted off to Niel to report this scurrilous comment.My scurrilous expectations were fired up by a headline on a handout from the Commission.A mixture of technical facts and utterly scurrilous gossip and dirt if it relates to the cars.Spanning several generations of schools and styles, her own recollections are a fascinating mix of knowledgeable anecdote and scurrilous gossip.An old tale tells of a holy priest who visited his nephew, a scurrilous tavern-keeper.From that time, his anti-Semitism grew so shrill and scurrilous that its virulence still makes one wince.As a result, Judas must be seen as something very different from the scurrilous villain of popular tradition.
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