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sea level

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sea levelˈsea ˌlevel noun [uncountable]  TMthe average height of the sea, used as a standard for measuring other heights and depths, such as the height of a mountainabove/below sea level 1,000 m above sea level changes in sea level
Examples from the Corpus
sea levelIt was in his opinion a piece of architectural magic, suspended twenty feet above sea level.C., are mostly close to seven meters above sea level.To be sure, their calculations were only global averages, and sea level varied from ocean to ocean.Many islands are below sea level and only the levees prevent them from vanishing.These raised marine deposits point to possible consequences of a global rise in sea level resulting from climatic change.The blast wave is much too weak when it reaches sea level to blow out the flames.above/below sea levelMany islands are below sea level and only the levees prevent them from vanishing.The city is 2500 feet above sea level.The house is at 620 feet above sea level and the farm is on a gentle east-facing slope.Because they were five thousand feet above sea level the climate was marvellous, apart from the wet season.Then, too, the ocean is so deep that its volume is six times greater than all land above sea level.And then there is that tsunami deposit found three hundred meters above sea level on Lanai!Here the land rises to a thousand feet or more above sea level.Damage is light, and there are no deaths or injuries because the residents live well above sea level.Near the sea the glaciers scraped out their valleys well below sea level.
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