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seabirdsea‧bird /ˈsiːbɜːd $ -bɜːrd/ noun [countable]  HBBa bird that lives near the sea and finds food in it
Examples from the Corpus
seabirdThe 1986 oil spill killed 9,000 seabirds along the coast between San Francisco and Big Sur.Most of its prey are ducks and seabirds, fish and carrion.Much the smallest and shortest-billed auk, also the smallest diving seabird.Above the tangled knots of old fishing-nets, still supported by their floats, always hovered seabirds, waiting for a meal.All the other species of seabird seemed to have been driven away by the bad weather.The local fishermen suffer, and so do the seabirds.It was probably a young Black-Footed Albatross, said Rex consulting his reference guide to seabirds, and probably a young one.Both are home to seabirds and seals and all manner of grasses and flowers.
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