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seal of approval

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseal of approvalseal of approvalAPPROVEif you give something your seal of approval, you say that you approve of it, especially officially A number of employers have already given their seal of approval to the scheme. seal
Examples from the Corpus
seal of approvalHis name served as a seal of approval that a deal would go ahead and that it would be profitable.SoundScan has proved a seal of approval for several musical realms.And they all come with a seal of approval.Even Joaquin Balaguer has given it his seal of approval.Good Housekeeping magazine seal of approval that makes it easier for countries to borrow and do business abroad.He had none of the prerequisites, no updated resume, no prior seal of approval.As important as money for independent ventures would be the seal of approval.The pension payback is even getting the seal of approval from national observers.
From Longman Business Dictionaryseal of approvalˌseal of apˈproval noun [singular]1a mark or sign that shows that an organization has tested a product and it meets their standardsEnvironmentally friendly products are marked with a special seal of approval.2if you give something your seal of approval, you say officially or publicly that you approve of itAll we need now is the chairman’s seal of approval.
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