Sense: 1
Origin: Old English seolh
Sense: 2-6
Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: seel, from Latin sigillum, from signum; SIGN1


1 noun
Related topics: Animals
seal1 S3 [countable]
1HBA a large sea animal that eats fish and lives around coasts
a) a mark that has a special design and shows the legal or official authority of a person or organization:
The document carried the seal of the governor's office.
b) the object that is used to make this mark
3 a piece of rubber or plastic that keeps air, water, dirt etc out of something
airtight/watertight seal
an airtight seal around the windows
4 a piece of wax, paper, wire etc that you have to break in order to open a container, document etc

seal of approval

if you give something your seal of approval, you say that you approve of it, especially officially:
A number of employers have already given their seal of approval to the scheme.

set the seal on something

British English to make something definite or complete:
In 1972, Nixon himself went to China to set the seal on the new relationship.

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