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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsealedsealed /siːld/ adjective  1 SHUT/CLOSEshut or protected with something that prevents air, water etc from getting in or out a sealed container2 sealed documents are closed so that they can only be read by a certain person or at a certain time Sealed bids (=offers to pay a particular price for something) should be sent to Richard Walker.COLLOCATIONSadverbsfirmly/tightly sealedThe box was firmly sealed with tape.completely sealedThe bag is completely sealed and airtight.hermetically sealed (=very tightly sealed so that nothing can get in or out)Inside, police found hermetically sealed cabinets full of marijuana.nounsa sealed envelopeJenkins handed Talbot a sealed envelope.a sealed container/box/plastic bagThe specimens he collected were sent back to London in sealed containers.
Examples from the Corpus
sealedKarr's ship was docking even as Tolonen rode the sealed car out to the landing bay.The list of winners' names was delivered in a sealed envelope.And all documents are sent in special bank sealed envelopes.One time I carried a briefcase, some sealed folders, an armful of maps.Plants cannot survive in a sealed jar.The sealed letter is dated proof of your copyright to be opened in court if some one claims your idea.Sealed nuclear waste containers are then enclosed in concrete.Heard him say that sirens were blowing and people were donning gas masks and moving into sealed rooms.Archway House benefits from sealed unit double glazed windows and Gas fired central heating throughout.
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