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seaportsea‧port /ˈsiːpɔːt $ -pɔːrt/ noun [countable]  SGa large town on or near a coast, with a harbour that big ships can use
Examples from the Corpus
seaportA new HK$350m seaport is also planned and there will be a second bridge linking Taipa with the Macao mainland.Steers's dock laid the foundation of Liverpool's prosperity as a seaport.Puerto Catarina served as a seaport for an onyx mine and village called El Marmol 50 miles inland.For centuries a seaport - today the harbour is still a haven for yachtsmen, fishing boats and pleasure cruisers.Coal could only be mined where coal existed; great seaports had to have good natural harbors.They took larger boats, had fewer engineering problems and provided good links to the northern seaports.For the closing of the Southern seaports, ships must be built.Downstream lies Freemantle, the seaport with restored colonial-style Victorian buildings.
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