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search engineˈsearch ˌengine ●●○ noun [countable]  a computer program that helps you find information on the Internet
Examples from the Corpus
search engineEach search engine has its own quirks to lean-otherwise you'il waste a lot of time weeding through poor results.The Santa Clara-based Internet search engine provider is expected to go public later this month.Yahoo!, set up in 1994, was originally a straight forward internet search engine.Earlier AltaVista, the search engine portal, reported losses of $ 307m on revenues of $ 98m in the second quarter.So skip on over to the Alta Vista search engine at http: / / www. altavista. digital. com.
From Longman Business Dictionarysearch engineˈsearch ˌengine noun [countable] computing a computer program that searches the Internet or a computer network for information, especially by looking for documents that contain particular wordsAround 2001, the Google search engine rose to prominence.
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