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From Longman Business Dictionarysearch firmˈsearch firmORGANIZATIONS a company that finds people with the right skills and experience to do a particular job for employers that need them SYN HEAD-HUNTERA search firm contacted him to talk about a chief executive position.The company has hired an executive search firm to help identify candidates.company, firm, business, corporationA company is an organization that produces goods or provides a service for profit. A firm is a company, especially one that provides a service rather than goods, for example financial or legal services. A business is usually a company that employs a small number of people. A corporation is a large company, especially one consisting of many smaller companies.Abbreviations used after company namesCo. company J.P. Morgan & Co.Corp. corporation Microsoft Corp.Inc. incorporated (=used in the US to show that a company is a corporation) Apple Computer Inc.Ltd limited (=used in the UK and Canada to show that a company is a limited (liability) company) Associated Newspapers LtdPLC public limited company (=a limited company whose shares are bought and sold freely) Pearson PLCPty proprietary company (=used in Australia and South Africa) Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd firm
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