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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseasidesea‧side1 /ˈsiːsaɪd/ noun   the seaside
Examples from the Corpus
seasideAct 3 is set in the garden of a seaside monastery.Why it was ever identified as seaside air is a mystery.It's famous for royal palaces, wonderful art galleries, stunning architecture and even its seaside.For 51 weeks of the year there's nothing particularly funny about the Sussex seaside resort of Bognor Regis.And then there are all the seaside towns and the dockyard towns, about which I have said nothing.The Sunday-school Treat was a day at the seaside, and the children were taken in the horse-drawn wagons.The safety of young children is a constant preoccupation of parents at the seaside.The commission wants Britain to build sewage works at the seaside to treat bacteria before it is pumped into the sea.
seasideseaside2 adjective [only before noun]  relating to places that are near the seaseaside town/resort the popular seaside resort of Brighton a seaside holiday
Examples from the Corpus
seasidea seaside resortseaside town/resortDelegates from more than a hundred countries jumped off their stools and invaded the seaside resort.Sefton Hamilton entered the room as a gale might hit an unhappy seaside town.These styles can be seen in the pictures of mod rallies at seaside towns.And then there are all the seaside towns and the dockyard towns, about which I have said nothing.And at 3: 43, the place began looking like some seaside resort during an East Coast hurricane.Worst hit were the Devon seaside towns of Sidmouth and Exmouth, which were cut off for several hours on Wednesday.Once each year George and Doris secretly meet in a quaint seaside resort, rekindling what has become a 25-year fling.
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