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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseasonalitysea‧son‧al‧i‧ty /ˌsiːzəˈnæləti/ noun [uncountable]  the fact that something changes according to the time of the yearseasonality of the seasonality of sales of the product
Examples from the Corpus
seasonalityThirdly, permanence and seasonality of occupation are important.Theoretical work will concentrate on comparing methods for estimating and/or adjusting for trend and seasonality.Polar cold may be less constricting than other factors, for example aridity or intense seasonality, that characterize polar regions.My observations were made mostly in areas dominated by agriculture where the effects of seasonality could have been especially pronounced.Temperate forests pose the problem of seasonality.Some units may have better locations or facilities than others, and it would be essential to reflect seasonality.From this perspective the seasonality is an integral part of the economic structure and should be accordingly modelled.Probably the seasonality and the number of species are related phenomena.
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