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seat of government/power

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseat of government/powerseat of government/powerformalTOWN a city where a country’s government is based seat
Examples from the Corpus
seat of government/powerCapital: Amsterdam; seat of government: The Hague.Originally this symbolic seat of power contained holy relics.It happens out on the streets, behind closed doors, in corridors of power, in the seat of government.But now, as White House incumbent presiding over the seat of government, he is the ultimate political insider.Several years of proximity to the throne had given the Jesuits access to the seat of power.But a number of individuals, often close to the seat of government, became very rich.Blacks are now in, or close to, the seats of power.Ancient Rome was the seat of power, magnificence and corruption, the obvious object of love, envy, hatred.
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