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seat yourself (in/on/beside etc something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseat yourself (in/on/beside etc something)seat yourself (in/on/beside etc something)SITto sit down somewhere She seated herself at her desk. seat
Examples from the Corpus
seat yourself (in/on/beside etc something)At two o'clock she seated herself at a window-table in a restaurant overlooking the Nile, near where the houseboat was moored.He seated himself at one end, and Emily sat beside him.He watched Ewen steadily, while the constable, who had seated himself at the kitchen table, was taking notes.The pupils seat themselves in a square representing the doctor's office.She seated herself in a wicker chair and took her mug without speaking.She seats herself, opens it, begins to play.Watson, and seat yourself precisely as you were overnight.Hardin noted that thoughtfully and seated himself wearily in a corner just as far from the other five as possible.
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