2 verb
seat2 [transitive]
1 [not in progressive] if a place seats a number of people, it has enough seats for that number:
The arena seats 60,000.
2 formal

seat yourself (in/on/beside etc something)

to sit down somewhere:
She seated herself at her desk.
see usage note sit
3 to arrange for someone to sit somewhere
seat somebody beside/near etc somebody/something
the old custom of seating boys and girls on opposite sides of the classroom

sit, sit down, sit in/on, seat
You usually use sit down rather than sit to say that someone moves into a sitting position Everyone sat down to listen.You use sit when you mention where someone sits down She sat next to me. Where shall I sit?!! You sit on or sit in a chair, depending on whether it is flat and simple or soft and comfortable We sat on barstools. He sat in his favourite armchair. You sit on flat things such as a bench, the floor, or the grass. You sit in a room, a corner, long grass, a tree, or a seat in a car I get travel sick when I sit in the back.!! To tell someone to sit down, say 'Sit down', 'Have a seat', or in very formal situations, 'Be seated'. You usually only say 'Sit!' to a dog.See also sit

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