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second-class citizen

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsecond-class citizensecond-class citizenUNIMPORTANTsomeone who is made to feel unimportant because of the way people treat them citizen
Examples from the Corpus
second-class citizenOne danger of treating all crime as sickness is that it makes the criminal a second-class citizen.They want to treat all Arabs as slaves and second-class citizens.Here we are, second-class citizens in our own country.Private car-owners have become second-class citizens.We did not have a chance to mingle with Okinawansthey were considered second-class citizens.Women were very definitely second-class citizens.Some speak resentfully of a takeover by the Wessis, with themselves marked out for the role of second-class citizens.But they remained second-class citizens as the Service restocked itself with young men of the right background from Oxford and Cambridge.
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