Date: 1300-1400
Language: Medieval Latin
Origin: secretarius 'someone who does private work for another, secretary', from Latin secretus; SECRET1


sec‧re‧ta‧ry S3 W1 plural secretaries [countable]


BO someone who works in an office typing letters, keeping records, answering telephone calls, arranging meetings etc:
My secretary will fax you all the details.


a) PGO also Secretary of State the head of an important department in the British Government:
the Foreign Secretary
Home Secretary
b) PGO an official in charge of a large government department in the US:
the Secretary of Defense
c) PGO a British official, who works in a government department or embassy, and is below the rank of minister or ambassador:
the First Secretary at the British Embassy
Secretary of State, undersecretary


SSO a member of a club or organization who takes notes in meetings, writes official letters etc:
the secretary of the tennis club

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