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sectarian violence/conflict/murder etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsectarian violence/conflict/murder etcsectarian violence/conflict/murder etcRRviolence etc that is related to the strong feelings of people who belong to different religious groups people on both sides of the sectarian divide in Northern Ireland sectarian
Examples from the Corpus
sectarian violence/conflict/murder etcNevertheless, the moves towards positive change are being frustrated both by threats from right-wing activists, and by sectarian conflicts.They may reduce the risk of attack, but they can not prevent random sectarian murders.Tyrone on Aug. 5 and in Lisburn on Aug. 24, were also believed to be victims of the sectarian violence.The ferry was packed with refugees fleeing sectarian violence in the Moluccas.The sectarian violence of Northern Ireland is a different matter altogether.Military governance has not ended sectarian violence or brought a return of foreign investment.Church leaders hold crisis talks on wave of sectarian murders - see page 6.Southern states, usually less prone to sectarian violence, were also hit, with many deaths reported from Karnataka and Kerala.
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