Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: sectio, from secare 'to cut'


1 noun
sec‧tion1 S1 W1


[countable] one of the parts that something such as an object or place is divided into
section of
a busy section of road
the reference section of the library
The plane's tail section was found in a cornfield.
the smoking section (=where you can smoke)

part of a whole

[countable] one of the separate parts of a structure, piece of furniture etc that you fit together to form the whole
in sections
The boats were built in Scotland, and transported to Egypt in sections.


[countable]TCN a separate part of a book, newspaper, document, report etc:
This issue will be discussed further in section 2.
sports/style/business/travel etc section (=particular part of a newspaper)

group of people

[countable] a separate group within a larger group of people
section of
a large section of the American public

brass/rhythm/woodwind/string etc section

the people or person in a band or orchestra, who play the brass, rhythm etc instruments


[countable] one of the parts of a law or a legal document:
Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution

side/top view

[uncountable and countable]AVD technical a picture that shows what a building, part of the body etc would look like if it were cut from top to bottom or side to side [↪ cross-section]
in section
Here's the outside view, and here are the floors in section.


a) [uncountable and countable]MH a medical operation that involves cutting

➔ caesarean section

at caesarean
b) [countable]MH a very thin flat piece that is cut from skin, a plant etc to be looked at under a microscope

area of land

[countable] American EnglishSG a square area of land in the US that is one mile long on each side


[countable] technicalHM the shape that is made when a solid figure is cut by a flat surface in mathematics

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