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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsectoralsec‧tor‧al /ˈsektərəl/ adjective [usually before noun] technical  relating to the various economic sectors of a society or to a particular economic sector
Examples from the Corpus
sectoralReview throws up three vast sectoral changes.Particular sectoral discussions, she continued, would carry with them their own specific measures.An interesting feature of the rural economy is the way in which these sectoral employment changes are interlinked.Institutions organised nationally and regionally along sectoral lines hinder the establishment of more appropriate institutions in rural areas.Many of these organizations, termed sectoral organizations, joined alliances that were local, regional and national in character.Two-tier banking system introduced: a federal reserve comprising republican central banks, and commercial banks formed from sectoral state banks.For example, ministries responsible for control of government expenditure may oppose the sponsor ministry's sectoral strategy on the grounds of cost.
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