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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsecurelyse‧cure‧ly /sɪˈkjʊəli $ -ˈkjʊr-/ AWL adverb  1 ATTACHtied, fastened etc tightly, especially in order to make something safe opp insecurelysecurely locked/fastened/attached/held etc All firearms should be kept securely locked in a cabinet.2 in a way that protects something from being stolen or lost Customers can now buy products securely over the Internet.3 in a way that is likely to continue successfully and not change syn firmly By that time, democracy had become securely established in Spain.
Examples from the Corpus
securelyBut I knew this was a vain hope because the house was always locked securely.It is not a democracy, wherein the people retain all their rights securely...The system will let consumers buy products securely and quickly over the Internet.We made sure that our bags were securely fastened to the roof of the car.A large safety screen, securely fixed to the wall, will prevent a child coming into contact with a fire.By this stage Gloucester was securely in control, while the Woodvilles' influence had collapsed with their loss of the prince.Wrap the trunks securely with about six layers of insulation.securely locked/fastened/attached/held etcMake sure that the identity labels are securely attached, and take them out to the heeling-in trench.Once joint prospects arc more securely fastened, even more preferential trading terms can be secured.So, the rudiments of the game are securely locked in.Three which weren't securely fastened include the stunning limited edition Ovation 1992 electro-acoustic with its great sound and gorgeous top.From its rear chassis, two heavy chains were securely attached to the steel bars of the gates.securely establishedPure monotheism was by then securely established in the Second Temple of Jerusalem, but remained shaky elsewhere.
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