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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsedentarysed‧en‧ta‧ry /ˈsedəntəri $ -teri/ adjective  1 SIT formal spending a lot of time sitting down, and not moving or exercising very muchsedentary life/job/lifestyle etc health problems caused by our sedentary lifestyles2 LIVE SOMEWHERE technical a sedentary group of people tend always to live in the same place a sedentary people living north of the Danube
Examples from the Corpus
sedentaryQuite simply, like millions of other people, we had become sedentary.America's young people are too sedentary.The exercise program was aimed at men in their fifties and sixties who were previously sedentary.By their mid-40s, more than 40 percent of males and more than 80 percent of females are sedentary.I tend now to the sedentary, and when I walk in the city I prefer to amble.People with sedentary jobs generally need to eat less than those in very active occupations.Is being fat dangerous, or is it the sedentary lifestyle that often goes along with being fat?health problems caused by a sedentary lifestylePeople with sedentary lifestyles have a greater risk of heart attacks.In our civilization at present, many of us have sedentary or semi-sedentary occupations.a sedentary populationsedentary life/job/lifestyle etcA sedentary lifestyle also spells bad news for hips and thighs: increase your circulation by taking more exercise.A sedentary lifestyle is now seen as being a very important risk factor for heart disease and other conditions.Poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle learned in her youth are often responsible.Is being fat dangerous, or is it the sedentary lifestyle that often goes along with being fat?Most tissues of the body contain scattered macrophages, which lead an inactive, sedentary life until stimulated by encountering foreign debris.
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