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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseductionse‧duc‧tion /sɪˈdʌkʃən/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]SEX/HAVE SEX WITH an act of persuading someone to have sex with you for the first timeseduceseduction of the seduction of a young girl2 [countable usually plural]ATTRACT something that strongly attracts people, but often has a bad effect on their livesseduction of the seductions of power
Examples from the Corpus
seductionThe distractions and seductions of modern life are everywhere in our busy world.It is a tale of courtship, passion and seduction.She must wait until after his seduction before she made herself known to him.Daphne has no money for him to take, but there is the perennial fear of seduction.People who bought it did so on seduction.He also hated the King because of Henry's seduction of his sister.Rudolf had some notion of the lure and the seduction of all that.The story describes the seduction of a young girl by a middle-aged professor.The seduction of study and playful analysis must not be allowed to overshadow genuine project objectives.
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