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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseductivese‧duc‧tive /sɪˈdʌktɪv/ adjective  1 SEXYsomeone, especially a woman, who is seductive is sexually attractive She used all of her seductive charm to try and persuade him.2 ATTRACTsomething that is seductive is very interesting or attractive to you, in a way that persuades you to do something you would not usually do the seductive power of advertisingseductively adverb She smiled seductively at him across the table.
Examples from the Corpus
seductiveShe has never looked more luminous, and her screen presence has never been more commanding: a seductive and redemptive intelligence.Sport is but one and, seductive as it may be, it is precarious and, inevitably, short-term.The logic is seductive, but misguided.L.A. is a dangerous yet seductive city.a charming and seductive manThe Lilith-like Herodias and Salome have a certain seductive, manipulative power, but it is negative and destructive.Tobacco is barred from the seductive small screen while spirits are subject to a voluntary telly ban.From across the room, I noticed that Philip was giving me a seductive stare.The view of the city from the Circle Line ferry is seductive, unreal.
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