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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseductressse‧duc‧tress /sɪˈdʌktrɪs/ noun [countable]  a woman who persuades someone to have sex with herseducer
Examples from the Corpus
seductressThey look for femmefatale, a Mata Hari of world finance, a seductress.Dorothy Dandridge played Carmen, here a seductress who works in a parachute factory.He has some idea of me as a cheating seductress out to get his brother.Whitaker and Givens give the proceedings a much needed lift and the latter shows promise and the conniving seductress.Enter Theresa Russell, a sultry, sloe-eyed seductress with a problem of her own.Women felt they were being asked to fulfil two contradictory roles, that of the homemaker and the seductress, simultaneously.One problem: Both the wife and the seductress are the same woman, Patricia Arquette.
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