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see somebody coming (a mile off)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsee somebody coming (a mile off)see somebody coming (a mile off)British English spokenWILLING to recognize that someone will be easy to trick or deceive You paid £500 for that! They must have seen you coming! see
Examples from the Corpus
see somebody coming (a mile off)Birds, like planes, usually face into the wind, so they do not see the plane coming.Beyond him, I could see the camp coming alive.She saw him coming and intended to give him a wide berth.One of the man-things had seen them coming and shouted a warning.He looked up to see Norm coming down the driveway.That Salvor Hardin had seen it coming made it none the more pleasant.Sarah Fleming saw them coming through the window of the front room.We were heading for the landing zone and could even see a chopper coming toward us.
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