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see the last of somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsee the last of somebody/somethingsee the last of somebody/somethinga) to not see someone or something again, especially someone or something you do not like I thought we’d seen the last of him. It was a relief to see the last of them. b) to not have to deal with something anymore Police hoped they’d seen the last of the joyriding. We may not have seen the last of this controversy. see
Examples from the Corpus
see the last of somebody/somethingWe haven't seen the last of Bonnie.All she did know was that she hadn't seen the last of him by a long chalk!But still the house of Eli has not seen the last of it.Hadn't she thought she'd seen the last of Rourke Deveraugh?At the end of the ceremony, they would see the last of the candidates step into the silvery baptismal pool.History is full of such isms, and we have hardly seen the last of them.It was a relief to see the last of them.We may not have seen the last of this controversy.I hope we've seen the last of Tina Hughes' stupid boyfriend!
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