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see/think fit (to do something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsee/think fit (to do something)see/think fit (to do something)DECIDEto decide that something is the best thing to do, especially when other people do not agree with you The government saw fit to ignore our advice. Sort out the problem in any way you think fit. fit
Examples from the Corpus
see/think fit (to do something)Add details as you see fit.For example, the firm can implement its own quality and inspection policies and amend these as they see fit.He was their final court of appeal and punished them as he saw fit.Once the states knew the message of the day, they could reinforce it as they saw fit.The public can use, abuse or change the software in any way they see fit.Meg had - this gift; the Lord saw fit - no qualms, she stole the jacket.There were some girls that I thought fit Selena more physically.If particular LEAs see fit to alter their priorities and redeploy funds from one area to another, that is their decision.The government has seen fit to start testing more nuclear weapons.
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