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see what I mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsee what I mean?see what I mean?used when something that happens proves what you said before See what I mean? Every time she calls me up she wants me to do something for her. mean
Examples from the Corpus
see what I mean?And little enough for cleverness, if you see what I mean.BBut you see what I mean.He had this manner, as if he was a bit above the rest of us, if you see what I mean.He just has the feelings, if you see what I mean.You see what I mean about having to keep up with things.See what I mean, Dad, about this camera being difficult to use?Do you see what I mean, he was trying?I think you will see what I mean only after tasting this bread.You see what I mean when I say it's nothing new, it's been endlessly talked around.
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