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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsee yousee youspokenGOODBYE used to say goodbye when you know you will see someone againsee you tomorrow/at three/Sunday etc See you Friday – your place at 8:30.see you later (=see you soon, or later in the same day)see you in a bit British English (=see you soon)see you in a while (=see you soon)(I’ll) be seeing you! (=see you soon) see
Examples from the Corpus
see youI'll see you at two-thirty at the mall.See you, Darren.You're still coming to the party tonight, aren't you? Good. See you later then.Bye, Dad. I'll see you later.Safe trip back guys and we'll see you soon."We'll be back early next week." "Okay. See you then."
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